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Postcard Abbey of Egmond

7,95 incl. btw

The Benedictine Abbey of Egmond on a postcard. The monastery was founded around 920 by Dirk I, Count of Holland. In 1573 the Abbey was destroyed by the Geuzen to prevent the Spaniards from taking advantage of it. In 1933 the new monastery was built which was expanded after WW II.

Pop-up gift of the Abbey of Egmond

A special gift of the Abbey of Egmond. Detailed pop-up postcard of the historic buildings. The card is cut from a sturdy paper. In addition, it comes with a beautiful retro envelope and a description of the heritage

Folded: 16,5 cm wide and 11,5 cm heigh.
Unfolded: 49,5 cm wide and 11,5 cm heigh.
Envelope: 12,5 cm wide and 17,5 cm heigh.


  • Stylish pop-up postcard of the Abbey of Egmond
  • The buildings are designed in a minimalistic way
  • Silhouette of the monuments are shown in detail
  • Brief description of the heritage is enclosed
  • Nice as a gift or as a reminder for yourself
  • The pop-up postcard can be ordered per piece
  • We also send the card directly for you