Kaart Gouda
Pop Up kaart Gouda

Postcard Gouda

8,65 incl. btw

A unique gift of Gouda. Beautiful pop-up postcard with monuments of Gouda; a reminder of a rich history.

Pop-up gift of Gouda

A special gift of Gouda. Detailed pop-up postcard with city landmarks. The card is cut from a sturdy paper. In addition, it comes with a beautiful retro envelope and a description of the heritage.

Presentation of the monuments from right to left: Cityhall Gouda, Grote of Sint-Janskerk seen from the Market, Catharina Gasthuis, Flour mill ‘t Slot with ferry Gein.

Folded: 16,5 cm wide and 11,5 cm heigh.
Unfolded: 49,5 cm wide and 11,5 cm heigh.
Envelope: 12,5 cm wide and 17,5 cm heigh.


  • Stylish pop-up postcard of the city Gouda
  • A unique gift of Gouda
  • The buildings are designed in a minimalistic way
  • Silhouette of the monuments are shown in detail
  • Brief description of the heritage is enclosed
  • Nice as a gift or as a reminder for yourself
  • The pop-up card can be ordered per piece
  • We also send the card directly for you