Pop-up kaart Zaandam Zaanstad
Bijzondere kaarten van Nederlands erfgoed
Bijzondere kaart Zaanstad Zaandam

Postcard Zaanstad

7,95 incl. btw

The monuments on the card, show the rich industrial past of ​​Zaanstad. It is probably the oldest surviving industrial area in the world. It flourished in the 17th century. Along the river Zaan there are still dozens of original and fully working windmills, mostly made entirely of wood, and some more than 350 years old. In addition, there are many 19th century factory buildings.

Pop-up gift of Medemblik

A special gift of Medemblik. Detailed pop-up postcard with city landmarks. The card is cut from a sturdy paper. In addition, it comes with a beautiful retro envelope and a description of the heritage.

Presentation of the monuments from right to left: Windmill De Bleeke Dood, Adelaar building and the building of Verkade.

Folded: 11,5 cm wide and 16,5 cm heigh.
Unfolded: 34,5 cm wide and 16,5 cm heigh.
Envelope: 12,5 cm wide and 17,5 cm heigh.


  • Stylish pop-up postcard of Zaanstad
  • The buildings are designed in a minimalistic way
  • Silhouette of the monuments are shown in detail
  • Brief description of the heritage is enclosed
  • Nice as a gift or as a reminder for yourself
  • The pop-up card can be ordered per piece
  • We also send the card directly for you