Abdij Maria Toevlucht pop up kaart
Abdij Maria Toevlucht Zundert erfgoed kaart

Postcard Abbey Maria Toevlucht – Zundert

7,95 incl. btw

The Abbey Maria Toevlucht from Zundert on a beautiful pop-up postcard; a monument with a rich history. The current abbey church was built in 1914 and the complex has been expanded from then. The Sterrebos with the gazebo shows off on the front of the card. You are probably familiar with the Trappist beer ‘Zundert Trappist’, which is brewed and sold by the monks.

Details postcard of Abbey Maria Toevlucht

This postcard of Abdij Maria Toevlucht Zundert is cut from firm paper. In addition, the card comes with a beautiful envelope with a card for your message and a description of the heritage.

Folded: 11.5 cm wide and 16.5 cm high.
Unfolded: 34.5 cm wide and 16.5 cm high.
Envelope: 12,5 cm wide and 17,5 cm heigh.


  • Stylish postcard with minimalistic buildings
  • Architecture of the monuments shown in detail
  • Brief description of the heritage is enclosed
  • Nice as a gift or as a memory for yourself
  • The postcard can be ordered per piece
  • We can send the card directly for you